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About US

​BlackStar Training Group was founded in 2013 to assist Law Enforcement, Military, Fire/EMS personnel, Security Specialists, and law abiding citizens obtain unconventional training in an unconventional world.  We specialize in Tactical Medical Training, Firearms Training, and Concealed Firearms Training on every level. 

BlackStar Training Group can also provide consulting services as Subject Matter Experts to better prepare your business before the emergency, from AED placement to CPR Training to Active Shooter Training. Reach out to us and we can develop a comprehensive strategy for your business.   


Founder & Chief Firearms Instructor

John Jones is the Founder and Chief Firearms Instructor of BlackStar Training Group.  Founded in 2013,  John utilized his 20 years of experience in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine, Firearms, and Tactics to bring a better understanding of First Aid and Emergency Medicine to Law Enforcement and Civilians alike when training to stay in the fight. 

In 2019, John changed his focus to Home Defense and Concealed Carry Instruction while still providing clients with a basic understanding of pre-hospital emergency care for gunshot wounds. John also instructs courses such as: Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 an 2, Women's Basic Handgun & Self Defense Fundamentals, Emergency First Aid Fundamentals, Active Shooter, and Countering the Mass Shooter Threat.

John maintains his USCCA TRAINING COUNSELOR and is a MASTER FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR Graduate with RANGEMASTER. Experience includes Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Tactical Medicine, SRT/SWAT Operations, Flight Medicine, K9 Handler, and is an active Level 4 Personal Protection Officer and Private Investigator.


Walter "Doc" Mijares
Instructor - tactical Medicine SME

Doc is a first generation American that wanted to give back to the country that has given his family so much. He enlisted in the Navy first and foremost because he is a Patriot, and secondly to make a difference. Doc served in 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation Enduring Freedom with the Fleet Marine Force. 

Doc returned from deployment and obtained the California Basic Peace Officer's Certification and served on the El Dorado Sheriff's Office and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office. Doc returned to Texas to be closer to family and work a Private Security Contract with the Department of Homeland Security. Doc maintains his Texas Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification and Level 3 Private Security License. 

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